Today I am going to reference the great need of being present with your in thought as well as body. 

As we grow older and become adults we often become rushed, our minds and thoughts dwelling in the future or if not the future we are pondering over what happened yesterday or this morning. 

To achieve the most rewarding results in our work with horses we must deny any thought save those pertaining the the present. Our horses always live in the now and act on the present. Because of this quality horses are able to tune into the most subtle of signals, the down side to this is that if our thoughts are distracted our horse will also become distracted.

Here is an exercise to help you focus your mind on the present before you go to work with your horse or anytime you feel the need to bring your mind back to the now.

Close your eyes, focus on just your feet and how they feel. (Hot? Cold?) Now while still focusing on your feet let your focus include what you hear. After you are fully focused on both of those slowly include what you smell then all the sensations in your body. When you feel completely focused on all of this open your eyes and continue in the present.

After this exercise you will likely find that you are calmer and more focused. Repeat this as often as needed. It is always right to pause when working with your horse if you start to feel unfocused or stressed.