Have you ever wondered at the life of a horse? What would it be like horse? What would it be like to be YOUR horse?

                I would like to ask you to think long and hard about that last question. How do you treat your horse and would you like to be treated the way you treat your horse? If you made a mistake or did not understand a direction how would you like to be corrected and do you correct your horse that way?

                Today, I have seen something heart breaking. I have seen pure sadness in a horse’s eye, the sadness born of a human’s lack of understanding.  I watched a well-meaning owner ride and train with their horse and all the while the human was oblivious to the pain and confusion on their horses face. How can this be? We are told by our trainers, our mentors that we HAVE to do things, that we MUST perform a certain way with horses, that our horse HAS to listen to us, or…. ELSE! Have you ever asked why? Why do we HAVE to do it that way? Why MUST we perform, and of what benefit is it to us or our horses? Why do we think our horses HAVE to listen to us, when in reality with all their strength they could easily choose not to?

                Horses are amazing, powerful animals that should be treated with dignity and consideration and yet, time and time again we see horses being forced into our belief of how they should be, and what they should think. We try to turn our horses into our submissive slaves instead of into our willing followers. The horse, usually patient, full of grace, and reluctant to force his will upon us, often suffers long our inability to understand him, to treat him as he should be treated. He suffers our brutish force and attempted imposition of our wills upon him, in hopes that one day we will open our eyes and minds and truly see the gift he would love to give us.

                What man or woman with any wisdom can truly believe that we have the power to force a creature as large and powerful as a horse to our will? Could it not be that our horses simply tolerate our prideful behavior?  

                Horses are one of God’s greatest gifts to us. Our horses are seeking leaders that they can follow and trust. Our horses want to obey us and yet we accuse them of disobedience every chance we get. If we opened our eyes to our horses true nature, and then without force, pride, our the imposing of our wills, proved to them our ability to lead our horses would not simply do as they are told, but would give wholeheartedly to us, all of their power, all of their grace and all that they are.

               How would you behave, if you were in your horse’s position?


                        The below video is produced by Klaus Hempfling. I am posting it here, because I believe it is a good video to demonstrate the true outcome we can achieve, if we but keep our minds and hearts open.