Instructors deal with numerous students on a daily basis. Whether teaching skilled equestrians or beginners, those who teach this sport are always amazed by the various positions the student can put their body in.  So for everyone’s enjoyment we have recreated (though slightly exaggerated) some of the most common mistakes most instructors see and deal with on a day to day basis. 

Piano Hands are an instructor’s worst enemy when teaching a beginner to right. This positioning of the hands encourages other unsightly bodily positions such as pushing your elbows out making them look like chicken wings. 


I Just Don’t Know position is a riders attempt to please their instructor after being gripped at for using the Piano Hands technique. Holding the reins in such a fashion discourages proper communication with the horse and leads to tight arms, elbows digging into your sides, and tense shoulders. 


The Disney Hold is yet another mistake to avoid at all costs. Named for Disney’s animators that can create wonderful worlds and yet have never been able to animate a hero or heroine riding correctly. This position is close if only the reins were not backwards…


Zombie Hands/Arms. Riders are to be attentive and full of life! Not dead rotting corpses so please do not try to imamate them whilst riding. This position starts as a tense Piano Hands for most and as the tension grows as you work through your session it crawls up your arms and shoulders creating this position. 


Steering Wheel. Even those who are past the beginning steps of riding can easily fall back into this nasty habit. When this happens simply remind yourself that you are not playing Wii or driving a car and thus need to re-calibrate  your brain back into horse mode.