Have you ever wondered why we do what we do? We teach people because it is our passion and we have a desire to share with others our knowledge. There is nothing better than watching our students progress, learn & gain confidence. It is our goal to challenge each of you to be better then you were before. (Aka, picking on you.) Each correction we make and each compliment we give is given from our hearts with the aim to help you. While sometimes we may seem like we are being mean or asking to much, please understand that we cannot allow you to become complacent, so we will pressure you from time to time to help you grow, but we will also praise you when you do things well! 

There is nothing we love more then finishing out a day of lessons and horse training, where it feels like everyone learned something new. Your smiles and the words, "that was fun!" Are what make our lives whole.

Without you, the students, we would never have the joy being able to teach.

Thank you all!