Today’s article will be on the difference between types of wraps and protective boots commonly used on horses.

     Polo Wraps
    Polo wraps are use to protect the horse’s leg during certain types of exercise such as Dressage, jumping and possibly lunging.  Polo wraps must be properly wrapped for both the horse’s safety and comfort, if improperly used they can create a dangerous situation and possibly even injure the horses tendons.

Splint Boots

Splint boots like polo wraps protect the horse’s lower leg and fetlock from injury during exercise. Most boots are made out of Neoprene or traditional materials such as leather.
   Most of the time boots are placed onto the leg with the straps facing towards the rear on the outside of the leg. To help provide even pressure around the leg when putting the boot on, fasten the middle strap first, then the others. Boots that are too tight can cause discomfort and pressure injuries, but those that are too loose may come loose or totally off.

Shipping boots

    Shipping boots are a type of boot used on the legs to protect the animal while travelling. The boot usually starts just below the knee or hock, and ends at the bottom of the hoof, protecting the cannon bone, tendons of the lower leg, fetlock, pastern, coronet, and heels of the horse. Some designs extend slightly above the knee and hock, offering protection to the joints in the event the horse bumps its upper legs on the sides of the trailer.