This article will be part of a two part series on feel. The first type of feel I will be covering is the feel surrounding energy. Many of our students have heard us speak about lifting your energy or using your energy to guide the horse. In this article I will cover what energy really is, how horses view it and why it works.

Energy as it relates to our interaction with horses is the feeling that drifts through and between all living beings. Take any type of herding/prey animals be it horses, zebra, deer, etc. and this concept becomes much easier to grasp. If you have ever seen a video of herd animals either running from a predator or fighting for dominance or even casual interaction then you have seen energy in action. In the case of a predator attack the whole herd will usually have begun to move thanks to fearful energy from the first one to see the predator without any sounds needed. Occasionally one member will spook at something and only a few others close by will jump as well. The reason only a few jumped and the whole herd didn't run is again because of energy. The fear energy rose then quickly vanished as other members of the herd decided the spook was meaningless and there was no real threat.  In the case of interaction between two herd members the energy signals are a bit different. Let’s say one horse wants the other to move, through energy and body language the most dominate horse makes the other move. In most cases the less dominate horse will already be moving away before the attacker gets near.

Because energy signals are something that horses naturally use and understand they make for one of the best signals we can use to direct our horses.  However using energy to direct our horses requires that we understand, feel and be able to direct our own energy. This takes time and practice. If used correctly energy can positively affect our horses to the point where it almost seems like they read our minds. To reach this state is a hard journey and an ever ongoing one. There is never a time where you suddenly have perfect energy cues. 

It is also notable to mention that as humans living in today’s busy world surrounded by pressure and a constant bombardment of stress and energy draining work, we rarely have time to bother paying attention to how our energy is affecting our lives or horses. Because of the ever fluctuating nature of energy it is frightfully easy to make our domesticated horses dull to energy cues. If we repeatedly ignore our effect on our horses they soon have no choice but to let themselves become dull to their energy senses when around us. However given time, even a dull horse will reawaken to energy cues. Energy cues naturally work because horses are instinctively inclined to follow them. 

I hope you enjoyed this rather oddly cobbled together article about energy as it relates to horses. Till next time!