When looking for your first horse it is extremely important not to get in over your head. Owning a horse is a great responsibility and should never be taken lightly.  First things first, study, study, study! As a general rule your first horse should generally be a well-tempered gelding or mare. You should also consider the horses age. For beginners a well-seasoned yet not elderly horse usually works best. There are many horses between the ages of six and twelve that fit these requirements. The next thing to think about is any pre-existing health conditions the horse may have. Vet bills are expensive and can easily scare away beginners. Finding a healthy horse with good conformation is imperative!

 After you have found a horse that meets all the above requirements it’s time to think about your goals: what would you eventually like to be able to do with your horse? Are you going to ride for pleasure or competition? Once you have established your goal look for a horse who’s basic training fits in with your plans.

 If you are going to be working with an instructor or trainer, ask them what they think about the horse you are looking at. Their knowledge and expertise cannot be underestimated!

Once you have found a horse you like that fits all the requirements have a vet come out and do a pre-sale vet check. This is a good first step to ensuring the owners feel comfortable selling their horse to you. It also helps to ensure that you get a healthy horse. 

Good luck and happy trails!