Often times when we go to work with our horses we are on a schedule. Maybe we only have the evening or even an hour at the barn.Because of our limited time frames it is very easy to fall into the mental traps of telling ourselves that we must either 'hurry up and fit all our riding and training in' or maybe we say,  'I won't be able to come tomorrow so I will work longer today'.

Horses do not learn on time frames they learn by moments. If you are working on a specific maneuver it is NOT necessary to repeat it for an entire hour. In fact the chances are that if you do not stop after the first good try from your horse, your horse will misunderstand and think that he is doing the maneuver wrong, and then you will have taught your horse how to do the wrong thing.

To a horse the the pauses (sometimes known as the release) teach. So weather you have an hour or not. Stop when things are going great and don't fall trap to 'but i still have 30 min' or 'just one more time'. 

In the long run, less is more.