The Off Road Warrior Endurance ride was an amazing success and immeasurable amounts of fun! It was Kyli's second and Arien's first endurance race. We also had two of our students Terry & Sammy Cox and their two wonderful horses with us. Going into it we were not sure quite what to expect. To many, us included, going that far on a horse through unfamiliar terrain (some of us on horses we did not know or had never taken anywhere), was quite a nerve racking idea and yet also invigorating!

By the mid way point of the race both of us were feeling far more comfortable, even if a little sore. By the end of the 25 miles both of us were feeling extremely happy and were pleased to find out that we were in the top ten. Getting in the top ten may not seem like much to some folks but when you are going that far where anything could happen to you or your horse, it means a whole lot! The top ten horses that come in get to compete for best condition (BC). BC is where your goes through a final in-depth vet check and gets graded on how well they have recovered one hour after you have completed the race. 

While neither of us won BC we were very pleased to find out that Romance won highest over all vet score! Meaning she had the highest total scores of the pre-ride, mid-ride and post-ride vet scores. This was an especially nice surprise because as many of you know we have not had Romance very long. 

Our thanks go out to:  Sammy & Terry for accompanying and driving us up to Athens, Jamie Lemon for being an awesome Ride Manager and selling us the amazing Iris, Peggy Martin for giving us the extremely impressive Romance, Amber Turner & Janet Ramirez for lending us a trailer and the time to haul us to Brookshire, and lastly to Debra for taking excellent care of all our left behind equines! 

Endurance is not like other equine sports. While it is a race, and yes you can be competitive and win, the motto is "To finish is to win." When you start out on an endurance ride there is no guarantee you will get to the end. So many things can and do happen. There are vets at every stop to check your horse for lameness and problems. You could fall and not decide to continue. Yet, even with all its difficulties it is amazing! The land you get to ride through is beautiful, you gain an immense trust and understanding of your horse, you get hours of time to spend with your horse uninterrupted with a goal in mind, you get a chance to meet other horse lovers who are more concerned about their horses and fellow riders then winning. People support each other and help each other! It truly is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by encouraging horse lovers, beautiful equine athletes and all the gorgeous land you can imagine! 

There are various distances one can chose to compete in: 
(All distances are completed in one day.) 
Intro 12.6-16 mile rides
Limited Distance 25 mile race 
50 mile race
75 mile race
100 mile race

For more information about the sport of Endurance Racing please visit the AERC website