As I am sure most of you know, horses love to eat on everything! Because of this they are at a high risk of getting something dangerous in their diet. Today I am going to list a few common poisonous pasture plants that we have in this area.

Although it is unlikely that horses will eat them Buttercups are a dangerous plant found in most pastures, especially common when pastures are overgrazed. Buttercups are only poisonous when fresh as they lose their toxicity when dried in 
hay. As long as horses have access to clean fresh forage and fresh water it is unlikely they will eat Buttercups.

Azaleas and Rhododendron are commonly planted for ascetic value, please be careful when planting these ornamentals close to your pastures as horses can reach through and nibble on them. They cause diarrhea, colic, muscle tremors and abnormal heart rate.

Another ornamental plant commonly planted for beauty is Oleander a single leaf of Oleander contains enough toxins to kill a full sized horse. Be sure to keep all Oleanders away from pasture fences and out of horses reach. Oleander can be especially dangerous when their leaves fall. Horses will have a tendency to pick them up with grass that they are eating on.

If you believe your horse has ingested anything of a dangerous or poisonous nature please contact your veterinarian immediately with your concerns! Pay attention to your horse’s every day nature, his stool, breathing and sweating. If your horse has any major changes in these things or in general temperament, be on a look out for possible causes.