We extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the wonderful people that participated in the 2014 Lysts on the Lake Social event May 9th-11th! We had an excellent time and were once again impressed by how kind and friendly everyone is. You are all wonderful people! 

A special thank you to Steve Hemphill and Dawn Hemphill for allowing us to stay at your facility and for all the fun times we had! (Including the unplanned Praying Mantis wrangling, they were so adorable!) You are both amazing people, hosts and friends! We look forward to seeing you both again soon. 

Douglas Wagner, you were amazing with our mare Daisy. Your riding skill and the kindness you showed to her even in the face of her rather large outbursts was impressive. I am certain she will miss you, though maybe not your armor. Thank you also for allowing us to listen in on your swordsmanship discussions and explanations.  We picked up so much and are greatly looking forward to taking lessons from you sometime in the future! 

Scott Wilson, the event would not have been complete without you. From your jousting to your swordsmanship everything you did was conducted in an honorably wonderful way. As with Douglas, we learned much from you that we did not know before. Thank you so much! 

To  Sean Gulick and his wonderful wife Jen, dinner was excellent! Your horses are lovely and your maps are fascinating! 

Jim Myers, congratulations on your win this year and thanks for all of the extra jousting you did to fill in for all the unexpected happenings!  

Galen Bevel, we absolutely love you and Peaches, the event would not have been complete without ya’ll! 

 Jeffrey Basham, thank you so, so much for bringing us to Austin with you! We sincerely enjoy being your squires! We also thank you for allowing us both to borrow The Mighty Pooh for the MSA course. She is a dream to ride and a wonderful horse.
Thank you also fellow ground crew, fellow competitors and to all who participated making this event possible! 

Until our next meeting.