The past couple of weeks have been extremely educational for me. I went to a medieval Jousting/Skill at Arms competition in Austin the 30th of October -2nd of November. Going into it I wasn't sure what to expect. I had reservations, uncertainty and also a little bit fear. 

What I found in Austin can be summed up with one word, EXCEPTIONAL! The people were some of the kindest most uplifting yet still competitive people I have ever met. The horses were all unique and beautiful. No one was perfect but everyone was the utmost description of exceptional in attitude, effort and grace. The work was hard, the fun was amazing, the house of Steve & Dawn Hemphill, our hosts, was awesome (and interesting).

As I left Austin to come back home to Houston I was left with a longing feeling. I love my job here in Houston but I miss everything about those four days in Austin, the people, the work, the fun, and of course the horses. Lord willing I will be able to come back next year for I am already looking forward to it with great enthusiasm!

Thank you to everyone!

To Jeffery Basham who brought me along as his squire and spent weeks teaching me, and continues to teach me,  how to do the MSA as well as Long sword on Foot.

To Steve and Dawn Hemphill for making this even possible and sharing their intriguing home.

To all of the wonder full Jousters and Ground crew I met, Tiffany Parrett, Galen Bevel, Peter Barclay, Scott Wilson, Sarah Hay, Dave Wise, Sean Gulick,Federico Serna, Medgh Scealgowen, Jim Myers, Chris Moore, Ryan & Jan (I didn't catch your last name my apologies), Tiffany (Britta), Collin and to the couple of people whose names I do not remember but who’s faces I wont forget.

And thank you lastly, but certainly not least, to our cook whose name sadly escapes me but his food remains a pleasant memory of fantastic taste! (And your gold armor rocks!)

Looking forward to seeing you all again!