“He goes right when I cue left.”
“He resists contact.”
“He never engages his hind end.”
“She keeps breaking gait.”
The list of horse related complaints goes on and on. If you have ever been around a group of horse loving people or you have a equine partner of your own you may have heard or even said some of these things. Whether the horse is not responding to a new exercise or he simply is not doing something how he used to before most of the time the rider will blame the horse and not think about what they could be doing wrong.

The number one rider problem is merely that we have not trained ourselves to ask what we could be doing wrong. No matter the issue the horse is always right. Even when he is wrong he is always right.   

If you are not using all your aids correctly together the horse will become confused and try to do something to please you or he may buck, kick out, rear, and bolt to get the point across that something is wrong. As the more intelligent being in this partnership it is our job to figure out what is going wrong with us and how we communicate with our horse.
The horse does not have the ability to speak to us verbally, he cannot tell us exactly what is wrong or what is bothering him, he can only communicate through body language and it is our responsibility to learn to understand him and to learn to communicate with him in a way he can understand.