The purpose of Isi Seiyr’s program is to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. 

In many ways our program and teaching style differs from others. Why? Because we will expect your highest from you from the beginning. We will NOT force you to do something with your horse, the very nature of forcing goes against our teaching principles. We expect you to think analytically and discover your goals for yourself. We will not give you our goals. We expect all of our students to give us feedback so that we can properly instruct you in the manner that is most helpful and understandable.

Isi Seiyr adheres to the principles of relationship first, human strength of character/personality and creating trust as the means by which we become our horse’s leader. Weather your goal is simply to ride or perhaps to go to shows we believe that most every reasonable goal can be better accomplished by adhering to these principles and learning to gain not only your horses respect but also his/her friendship and trust.

We have two methods of teaching our students depending on their individual needs and goals.

The first method is for the casual rider who wants to learn to be safe around horses, ride and possibly compete in traditional shows (including high level shows) of either a Western or English nature. For these lessons we teach the cliff notes version of how to ask a horse to preform, how to read basic equine body language for the safety of the horse and rider. We place most of our focus on improving the riders balance and coordination in the saddle as well as teaching basic of ground work to improve the rider’s posture and ensure that they can adequately access if the horses is in good health and in a reasonable frame of mind. 

The second method is for those who wish to achieve a deeper, more comprehensive view of horses and how to interact with them.  Not everyone wants to or can devote themselves to this method. For our students who are the hungriest for knowledge on how to better themselves, understand their horses, achieve the most beautiful partnership and dance with their horses.  We offer mentoring in advanced equine body language, understanding of working with horses using energy and advanced body positions to achieve natural collection with or without bit or saddle, help with the student’s posture both on ground and on horseback, progressive coaching on how our emotions and natural rhythm affect our horse’s behavior and responses, and lastly how to achieve the highest of goals be it preforming at the highest levels or simply gaining a better life quality through positive, calm, authentic interaction with horses.

To all our students who are currently learning with us and to those who will learn with us in the future, thank you. Without you Isi Seiyr would not be what it is today.

See you in the arena!