Meet The trainers 

Head Instructor Arien Shipe

"I was raised around horses and have been involved in training/riding horses for over a decade, owning horses for even longer than that. Having been both the manager of a breeding farm and the assistant manager of a large equestrian facility I know my way around horses. I have competed in numerous equestrian disciplines including Jumpers, Barrels, Pole Bending, Horsemanship, Endurance & Mounted Skills with arms (such as archery and swordsmanship on horseback). Horses have been my passion since before I was a teenager and I have never looked back!"

Assistant Instructor Mara Smith

"I have been riding for 17 years and have competed for about 11 years. I have done everything from jumping to barrel racing. I currently own a 12-year-old Missouri Foxtrotter mare who is my heart horse. If there is one thing I love more than teaching kids to ride a horse, it is riding one myself!" 

Assistant Instructor Michelle Monaco

"I started riding at the age of 14, beginning with English but soon branching into Western trail riding. I spent 2  years helping out at local barns in exchange for lessons. Since then, I have ridden across the steppes of Mongolia, the beaches of Bali, the green hills of Hawaii, and across the length of the Lone Star state. I have worked as a wrangler for a commercial trail riding facility and volunteered for a local horse rescue organization, where I worked as a part of their training and rehabilitation program.
My equestrian interests include dressage, mounted archery, and positive reinforcement training. Above all, I seek to integrate an understanding of  horse behavior to the skills of riding and horsemanship, to foster a rewarding and safe experience for both horses and riders."


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