Kristine Dutton , Limited experience as a child. After six months ~ “My name is Kristine and I have had limited experience riding horses around farms as a child primarily without any real instruction. The lessons from Arien are helping me reach my goal of gaining confidence in riding western style with various horses and gaining independence in riding, as well as learning to care for horses. My goal is still a long way off, but I am enjoying the journey and am feeling more certain about my goal. I have thoroughly enjoyed each lesson. Arien is very attentive to details and helps me with small adjustments at each lesson that keep me improving. I enjoy her relaxed approach, which helps me to stay relaxed and aware of small differences in how I feel or how the horse reacts. The horses are very well trained and a pleasure to ride. Arien is also very knowledgeable and helps explain the reasons behind the instructions. Arien communicates very clearly on what she is helping me to learn, showing me as well as telling me. The horses are very well trained and Arien is an outstanding instructor. She is patient and very attentive to the little things I can improve that make a big difference. She explains things very well and gives me lots of time to practice with her observing until riding skills become habit. I highly recommend these lessons for anyone with horsemanship goals, regardless of prior experience!”
Linda Goodwin Roberson , No previous experience. After first lesson ~"My 5 year old went to her first riding lesson today. By the end of the lesson she could make Daisy (the horse) go, stop, direct her to weave in and out of cones and all of this with no lead line!! Arien (Her instructor) was so kind and patient!! So glad I followed my gut instinct after reading their website! Thank you!"
Barbara Lippmann, Previous riding experience in Pittsburgh. After four months of lessons ~ “Hi I'm Barbara. I started with Isi Seiyr in April 2013 and before that I had been riding four years ago in Pittsburgh, and really enjoyed my time with horses.English is not my mother tongue, but my instructor is always able to bring the point to me, even when I'm short on vocabulary.She, showed me how to dance with a horse. It is so fascinating how I developed a new feeling for my body language, because of the horse’s reaction on how I move and be present. It is more like asking the horse, “Would you like to play with me?” When they respond in their way so that they are following and doing what I asked them to do, without force, it is just wonderful. Kyli works with me on my balance in the saddle, and helped me to understand that even a minimal change of my weight or not being centered in the saddle is the reason for the success of an exercise.It’s so fabulous to work with an instructor who has the eye, the patience, and the ability to explain to you what’s wrong and how you can fix it.It’s a development from learning the rules of riding, to understanding how to communicate in a new language.Thank you so much, I enjoy my lessons and I’m curious what we are going to do next time!”
Peggy Martin, 15 years riding experience, equine assisted psychotherapy certification and studied TTOUCH for several years, after four days of lessons ~ "I loved my lessons. I learned more in four days than I have learned in a year. It was wonderful. Jade's methods fit with my belief system and I was so impressed with her knowledge and passion for learning and growing. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her."
Darlene Kavanagh, equine enthusiast and owner of a Mexican mustang mare named Paisana, after two months of lessons ~ “I rode when I was younger and came back to it after a 30+year hiatus. There was a lot I had forgotten and I've worked with several trainers over the past few years. In addition to great advice regarding technique, the most exceptional thing that Arien brought to the training mix was a teaching me how to read my horse's temperament/mood and how to work with her and not against her. I'm paying attention more and getting better results because of it."
Michaela Bishop, No prior horsemanship experience. Owner of paint mare Ginger since December 2012, after six months of lessons and training ~ “Arien helped me to understand how horses react to things, how they think and how they can read people's emotions. She was very good with the training and very helpful and willing to work with me and my schedule to make sure I was there to learn everything I could about my very green horse Ginger.”

Megan McRae, Horse owner for six plus years with prior experience in dressage and natural horsemanship, after 5 months of lessons ~ "When I moved to Texas from Ohio, my thoroughbred mare was difficult to manage and very attached to her pasture buddy. I started working with Arien who showed me ways to deal with her high energy level and make her a safer horse to be around. My mare is now much more relaxed and I have more confidence when she shows signs of getting excited. I would recommend Isi Seiyr to anyone wanting a better relationship with their horse. My mare is much happier now and I like having someone to interact with and someone who can help me focus on improving my skills. The examples and explanations given me are logical and give insight into the way horses think and behave.”