Ceire Denya
~Present Horse~
(Works in unison with all equestrian disciplines.) 
Welcome to the first level of Isi Seiyr’s High Forms. 

What does Ceire Denya cover?

Ceire Denya is all about learning to become more personally aware of yourself and your horse, learning to be truly present with your horse. Each of us battle daily with lack of focus, lack of determination, lack of impulsion, lack of awareness.  Knowing and understanding that how we think effects our horses psyche and abilities, we have combined effective methods for helping our students to achieve self awareness and to maximize their goal reaching capabilities.   This is the beginning of a path that will allow you access to all the knowledge needed to maximize yourself and your relationship with your horse, thus maximizing your horses inner and outer abilities. 

"Closeness to a horse never comes from the desire for closeness. Closeness to a horse come only from closeness to one's inner self." ~Klaus Hempfling