Ceire Sharnim
~Together Horse~
(Works in unison with all equestrian disciplines.) 
Welcome to the second level of Isi Seiyr’s High Forms. 

What does Ceire Sharnim cover?

Ceire Sharnim is taking what you have learned about yourself and applying it daily to your work with your horse.  During this stage of the High Forms the goal is for you to discover what it truly means to be together with your horse, to develop a deeper understanding of his/her needs and desires. Through following this path you will be able develop a friendship and through that friendship communication that will last through every trial. By following the path to becoming your horses friend your horse will gain a deep trust in you allowing for true communication without the aid of outside forces (lead ropes, bits, reins, etc.) When you and your horse have flawless (or as close as we can come to flawless) communication you will be able to help your horse to strengthen himself resulting in a truly collected, well balanced horse able to perform any task easily with joy and peace.

"When you encourage a horse so much inside that its external expression seems to explode, if only for a moment, then a very special kind of connection takes place. A horse loves nothing more than the being who understands how to nurture him properly."  ~ Klaus Hempfling