Ceire Yashen
~War Horse~
(Works in unison with all equestrian disciplines.) 
Welcome to the final level of Isi Seiyr’s High Forms. 

What does Ceire Yashen cover?

In the practical application of Ceire Yashen all things are possible within the scope of the riders imagination. Working in perfect, peaceful harmony with the horse, everything from advanced Haute Ecole maneuvers, to competitive sports of any discipline are achievable. This is the level where through the friendship and communication you have developed with your equine companion you can maximize one another's potential. 

Why is this level named 'War Horse'?

Have you ever heard the stories of great war horses and warriors of the past such as, Alexander The Great & Bucephalus? Have you ever wondered at the abilities of the Greeks and Persians who through their horsemanship skills conquered much of the world? In a time of old where horses in battle were the determining factor of life & death, when a good war horse was thought more highly of then lands and power, what set apart the warrior & knights from simple riders?

Throughout the history of horses the truth reveals itself in the simple fact that without the horse the warrior’s of legend would not have been able to do what they did or be who they were. Would we ever have known of Alexander The Great if not for Bucephalus? Would Persia have been able to take over half the world? Yet, without the warriors we never would have heard of these magnificent horses. In these lessons from history a simple truth reveals itself, under the right conditions horses maximize our power, yet flip the coin and we maximize theirs as well. Given the opportunity horse and human  can work symbiotically to magnify all the good in one another. 

The name ‘Ceire Yashen’ or ‘war horse’ is symbolic of both the abilities represented by the great war horses in history and the ability to develop a trusting bond with our horses that is every bit as strong as the warriors of old.

"We should always remember our horses always mirror our inner and outer behavior precisely. Understood in the right way, this is an incredible opportunity for us." ~ Klaus Hempfling

 Much thanks to Lysts On The Lake for allowing us to take this photo! during their practice before the Pin Oak showing of 2012!