Rules ~

       The speed limit on property is 5 mph. This is for the safety of riders, owners, horses, and the children on property. Do not go over the speed limit even if you are running late.

       No running or loud noises are permitted while on property.

       Please do not take pictures if your camera flash is on! This will potentially frighten the horse and put everyone in a dangerous situation!

       Please ask before taking any pictures.

       Do not feed, touch, or otherwise interact with any of the horses on property without permission! Not all horses are friendly and some may have food allergies.

       Please throw all trash in the provided trash bins.

       Guests/Parents are not to enter arenas or fields.

       Guests/Parents may not interfere with the lesson. (Please ask questions after the student’s lesson.)

       Parents/guardians you are responsible for your guests. Keep children off gates, fences and farm equipment. Be sure your guests are aware of all the rules. You are expected to supervise your guests/children.

       Please watch lessons from the designated seating areas.

       When auditing a lesson you and your guests/children are expected to remain silent during the lesson. All questions, comments, and concerns can and should be brought up after the lesson as the student and instructor need to be fully focused on their tasks.

       You are welcome to drop your children off for their lessons, however we request that you let us know in advance if you are going to do so. We also ask that you return to pick your children up no later than fifteen minutes before the end of their lesson time unless you have made previous arrangements with us.

       Please park vehicles in the designated parking areas.

       Dress attire: Riding boots, long pants, and an equine riding safety helmet. Students should not wear anything shiny, flashing, or inappropriate nor should they wear long dangling earrings. If the student shows up in inappropriate attire then he/she will be participating in a non-riding lesson. We will provide a helmet until you purchase your own. Certified riding boots will need to be bought at the soonest possible time.

       Students will ride multiple different types of horses and will not stick with just one horse throughout their time at the school, as doing so helps them to be more confident and competent riders.

       Students will from time to time participate in non-riding lessons to further their understanding of horses and the sport of horse riding. These lessons may be given on days with poor weather as well as good weather days.

       Lessons longer than an hour for any reason are at the discretion of the trainer and may contain elements other than riding such as ground work etc.

       Your lesson starts at your scheduled time regardless of whether you arrive on time.

       Lessons are 45 min to 1 hour long starting at your scheduled time. This includes the care of the horse not just riding time.

       Trainer reserves the right to end the riding portion of a lesson at any time if the student is argumentative or complains in any way. This is for the students safety. The remaining time in the lesson will be spent learning about tack or horse care.

       Rescheduling Lessons: A 24 hour notice is required to reschedule your lesson. Without the required notice you will owe for the full price of the lesson and it will not be rescheduled. If you plan to miss a lesson due to vacation etc. make arrangements as soon as possible for a make-up lesson.

       Rescheduled lessons must be taken within the same month they are paid for unless otherwise arranged with your instructor.


o    Private 45minute - 1hour Lessons: Are $50 per lesson for one per week, or $40 per lesson for two or more per week.

o    Lessons at your facility $50-$70 each depending on travel distance. (+ fuel charge)


o    We accept cash, check or Zelle. (Checks are made out to Arien Shipe.)

o    Monthly payments are due on the last paid for lesson.  Payments will be prorated for students starting in the middle of the month.

o    Weekly payments are due a week in advance. Please bring the proper amount! Ask your instructor if you are uncertain of your fee.

o    All payments for our services are non-refundable.

       Terminating the Agreement: A months notice is required before terminating your participation in Isi Seiyr School of Riding. A months notice is considered to be the student’s regular monthly payment on the 1st or all of the months weekly lessons paid in advance. Please hand your termination letter and your payment to your instructor.